Serving Parker, Palo Pinto, Jack & Wise Counties


+1 (940) 325 9000

Serving Parker, Palo Pinto, Jack & Wise Counties


+1 (940) 325 9000



    Our 95/96-gallon cart service starts at $29 per month plus tax (if paid quarterly). Call TODAY for details!
    NO lengthy cart contracts. ONLY 12-month term on dumpsters!
    No fuel surcharges or environmental fees.
    Bagging recommended, but NOT required.
    Over 35 years serving this area & still going strong!

All Trash Service Companies Are NOT Created Equal.

JR Disposal has been locally-owned and family-operated for more than 35 years!


Big corporate companies - as well as the new, inexperienced ones - will try to flatter you with unrealistic, low-rate gimmicks. Most typically, they will try to lock you into a multi-year contract with hidden fees. Not only that, these companies typically don't stay around. They sell-out to larger corporations, or else, end up failing altogether. They aren't really interested in serving their customers; therefore, if you go this route, you can expect inconsistent and incompetent results.
JR Disposal is locally owned and operated. Time and again, we have proven our honesty and dedication to our community. We have strong work ethics and you can always depend on us to do our very best. If you are tired of the same old gimmicks, we are your solution!

  • No Gimmicks!No hidden-fees. No bait-and-switch. No surprises.
  • Modern Equipment!Clean trucks and clean dumpsters.
  • Modern Payment Options!We make paying quick and easy.
  • We are your neighbors!You aren't an account number to us.

JR Disposal Testimonials

“This company has never been late or missed our pickups and we have had them for a very long time. They are some of the most dedicated hard working sweetest people i have ever met. If you want everything to be handled in a professional manner by the kindest sweetest people around, this is who you need to use!!! I just love TERRI, JACK, TIFFANY & EVERY ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES.”

December 28, 2021

Tabatha Novak

“Y’all!! I never post reviews, but I just had to for Jack Richardson Disposal. I just needed some junk hauled off, and they were so easy to work with at a reasonable price. My favorite part of the entire experience was meeting Tiffany Harrison, who I originally thought was a man, but she turned out to be the dopest chick ever! I ended up making a great friend AND getting rid of my junk in a timely and convenient way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one I got with Jack Richardson Disposal.”

October 15, 2020

Jessica Roberson

“Been with Richardson Disposal since 2002 when Jack Sr was a one man company. He offered an incredible customer service then and it has only gotten better. Jack Jr and his family offer the best service and prices around. I would never consider giving my business to anyone else.“

September 2, 2021

Vicky Harris

Not Your Typical Trash Service!

"We don't claim to be the best, everyone just tells us we are!"

Jack Richardson, Owner

When you have us pick up your trash, you experience our total commitment to your total satisfaction!

Always Low Prices

No Cart Contracts

No Hidden Fees

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Friendly Drivers & Helpers

Stellar Reputation

Local Support



Owner - Operator



Owner - Operator

Our Service Area

The Rural Parts of Parker, Palo Pinto, Jack & Wise Counties

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